Mud Set

Mud Set Magic Corner Bead from Trim-Tex

Mud Set Magic

The Mud Set revolution continues with the release of Mud Set Magic Corner by Trim-Tex.  Mud Set Magic Corner is the perfect solution for off angled walls and raked ceilings. This bead combines rigid PVC mud legs featuring Mud Locks and a soft centre allowing it to act as an expansion bead on any inside …

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Installing Trim-Tex Mud Set

Installing Mud Set Beads

Mud Set Beads are installed with base compound only. These beads provide paramount impact resistance and a superior bond, virtually eliminating cracking. Mud Set Beads are the fastest to install in the Trim-Tex range. They can be installed using Automatic Tools, a Hopper or by hand without the need for staples of spray adhesive. Expect …

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