Scott trusts the quality of Trim-Tex

If you have got your copy of AWCI On the Surface, Scott’s face might be familiar.

Wallboard Tools continued their on going Trim-Tex market survey by speaking with Scott Marlow from M & M Commercial Linings on site in Perth.  During the survey Scott revealed that he trusted the quality of the comprehensive Trim-Tex range.

Here are some of the other things Scott had to say about Trim-Tex during his interview:

Q. How long have you been using Trim-Tex?
A. Around 10 years.

Q. Why have you chosen Trim-Tex?
A. The flexibility of the Trims.  I started with Archway Beads then discovered the other products in the extensive range.

Q. What features attracted you to Trim-Tex?
A. Archway Corner Beads initially attracted me to Trim-Tex.  The flexibility and extensive range also appealed to me.

Q. What is your favourite Trim-Tex  bead?
A. Archway Corner Bead and 13mm x 13mm Reveal Bead

Q. Do you ask for Trim-Tex by name?
A. Yes, I always ask for Trim-Tex by name.

Q. How does Trim-Tex compare with other trim suppliers on product range?
A. The Trim-Tex range is comprehensive.  I have confidence that I can find the trim I am after in PVC.

Q. Why would you recommend Trim-Tex?
A. Reliability and extensive range. We have been using it for 10 years and have had no problems with it.  If a specific bead has been specified we can rely on the fact it will be in the Trim-Tex range.


Trim-Tex has just added 9 new plastering trims to the already extensive range.  The new editions include the revolutionary Mud Set beads.  Keep up to date with the latest from PlasterArt and Trim-Tex by joining the Facebook page.  Simply go to and hit the “Like” button to have news, new products and giveaways from PlasterArt show up in your daily feed.

As seen in the AWCI On the Surface Magazine Winter 2011