Trim-Tex Mud Set - Perfect for High Impact Areas

High Impact Area? No problem with Trim-Tex Mud Set.

Trim-Tex Mud Set plastering trims are the paramount in impact resistance.  Their unique design and installation allows them to bond so strongly to the wall or ceiling, they almost become part of it.  Don’t believe all the hype?  Check out this video made by our friends at Precision Taping.

Trim-Tex Mud Set Beads are made from rigid PVC – meaning they will never mould, rust or dent.  They can be installed by hand or using automatic tools with base compound and first coat can been applied the same day.  Trim-Tex Mud Set cuts down on expensive patching while maintaining an excellent, clean finish.  Mud Set is now available in a 900 corner bead, Adjustable Inside Corner Bead, Adjustable Outside Splayed Bead, Flat Tear away and Magic Corner.  Find out more at the Wallboard Tools website:

Start expecting more from your plastering beads.

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