Layering with Trim-Tex Archway L Bead

“Wave” goodbye to boring walls with Trim-Tex

Layering with Trim-Tex Archway L BeadCreating with Trim-Tex is only limited by imagination – Precision Tapings latest creation is testament to that.

The design we’ve affectionately started referring to as the “Wave Room” is of all things a bathroom.

34 lineal metres of Trim-Tex have gone into this bathroom and have made what would otherwise be an ordinary room into a feature.

The main bead used to create the wave design is Trim-Tex archway L Bead.  Archway L bends and curves around layers to produce beautiful, flowing shapes.  Trim-Tex External Beads went onto the corners and Trim-Tex L Bead was used throughout the rest of the room.

Brian from Precision Taping, the creator of the Wave Room said “we enjoy working with Trim-Tex products because of the massive world of possibilities we can offer our clients.  A client approached me with an idea and there was  simply no other way of actualising it without Trim-Tex Archway L Bead.  We were able to produce the curved detail in the waves with amazing results.  There’s nothing more fulfilling than turning an idea into a reality”.

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