Trim-Tex, always up for a challenge

Trim-Tex features Caloundra AustraliaBuilder and owner Jon Mees threw down the plastering gauntlet to Sweeney Plastering last year – wanting a beautiful and functional “resort” style home built on his Pelican Waters block in Caloundra, Queensland.  Greg Sweeney accepted the challenge creating what can only be described as a work of art, testament to hard work, innovative design and a close working relationship between contractor and builder.

The structure spans two levels comprising of 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and expansive, open plan living areas.  Each room in the house has at least one curved wall creating a stunning, flowing visual effect and giving the feeling of openness.

This beautiful home incorporates 2100 square metres of Plasterboard, Cement Sheet, WR, and flexible Plasterboard.  As well as over 2800 lineal metres of Trim-Tex beading. The large Trim-Tex range and flexibility of the beads made them the only choice for a home involving so many curved surfaces and detailed work.

Tear Away Shadow Bead was used extensively throughout the structure and around all the skirting and door frames. 19mm Bulllnose Corner Beads were used to soften external corners and 19mm Bullnose Arch was incorporated into the bedroom windows allowing all of the sills to curve, fitting the theme of the house perfectly.  19mm Bull Adaptors were also used to transition between the soft Bullnose effect to the square skirting and ceilings.  Adjustable Inside Corner Bead and Splayed Outside Bead adds to the rooms spacious feel.

When talking about the project Greg Sweeney, the owner of Sweeney Plastering admitted that working on the house had been challenging, intricate and time consuming with the installation of beads on the top floor alone taking a crew of 7 an entire week.   However, creating the eye catching, unique look was a rewarding experience, made possible with a flexible builder/owner like Jon and with a product like Trim-Tex.

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