Going round the bend with Trim-Tex Arch Plus

Why carry two beads when Arch Plus provides smooth transitions between 90 degree corners and free flowing curves?

Arch Plus is a multipurpose Trim-Tex Corner Bead.

This new bead is a combination of a 90 degree external corner bead and a 900 archway bead.

The 6mm tear off strip acts as the transition between straight, clean lines and free flowing curves.  Leave the strip intact for a 900 corner, snip bend and tear towards the bead to create an Archway Bead.

Arch Plus is installed with Spray Adhesive and staples like regular Trim-Tex corner beads.  When using Arch Plus as an Archway Bead, staple every tab for the ultimate bond.

Arch Plus is available from your local Plasterboard retailer.



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