Introducing Trim-Tex Mud Set

Introducing Mud Set Beads

Mud Set Beads have just landed in Australia.  The Mud Set Beads beads combine the reliability Trim-Tex products are renown for with innovative, new features with a revolutionary way to install Corner Beads.

Mud Set Beads are installed with base compound only.  These beads provide paramount impact resistance and a superior bond virtually eliminating cracking.

This new range of beads from Trim-Tex is 3 times more rigid with the introduction of I Beam technology.  The I Beam allows beads to absorb impact and resist cracking while producing a sharper corner.

The Mud Set Beads use Mud Lock technology and a specially engineered hole pattern to create a superior bond between PVC and Plasterboard.  Mud Locks cover the entire mud leg of the bead, greatly increasing the bonding area.  Micro perforations allow the optimum amount of compound to pass through, enabling the bead to self level on the corner.  After installation, Mud Set Beads bond so strongly to the wall – they almost become part of it.

Mud Set Beads are the fastest to install in the Trim-Tex range.  They can be installed using Automatic Tools, a Hopper or by hand without the need for staples  or spray adhesive.

Expect more from your Corner Beads.

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