Scott trusts the quality of Trim-Tex

If you have got your copy of AWCI On the Surface, Scott’s face might be familiar. Wallboard Tools continued their on going Trim-Tex market survey by speaking with Scott Marlow from M & M Commercial Linings on site in Perth.  During the survey Scott revealed that he trusted the quality of the comprehensive Trim-Tex range.… Continue reading Scott trusts the quality of Trim-Tex

The new Trim-Tex Catalogue has arrived

The 2011 edition of the Trim-Tex Catalogue is here! The new edition of the Trim-Tex catalogue sports a sleek new look and over 13 new products including: Mud Set, Arch Plus, 19mm Chamfer, Rigid Beads and more. The catalogue is available electronically from the resources section of the PlasterArt Website or you could just click… Continue reading The new Trim-Tex Catalogue has arrived

Impact resistant “I” Beam

Trim-Tex Rigid Beads created sharp, dent resistant, finished corners and archways.  The unique “I” Beam design makes the profiles 3 times more rigid enabling them to absorb impacts and resist cracking. The Rigid Archway Bead matches perfectly with the Mud Set Corner Bead allowing for a smooth transition between straight 900 lines and flowing curves.… Continue reading Impact resistant “I” Beam

Introducing Mud Set Beads

Mud Set Beads have just landed in Australia.  The Mud Set Beads beads combine the reliability Trim-Tex products are renown for with innovative, new features with a revolutionary way to install Corner Beads. Mud Set Beads are installed with base compound only.  These beads provide paramount impact resistance and a superior bond virtually eliminating cracking.… Continue reading Introducing Mud Set Beads

Make your design aspirations a reality

Make your design aspirations a reality with Trim-Tex. Trim-Tex features in the April edition of Architectural Product News.  If you are an Architect, Builder or Student looking for some inspiration select our advertisement and request more information. To stay up to date with current events and tends subscribe to the feed at or follow… Continue reading Make your design aspirations a reality