“Framed” by Trim-Tex…

Plasterboard features don’t have to be complicated works of art that belong in the Louvre. Some of the most eye catching feature work has a simplistic beauty about it. Eternal Plastering recently completed a home on Queensland’s, Gold Coast.  It’s a standout example of how simple plasterboard layers can become design features. The home owners… Continue reading “Framed” by Trim-Tex…

Layering with Trim-Tex

Trim-Tex isn’t just a practical solution to common plastering problems, it’s also a range of products based on turning the interior of a dwelling into an eye catching canvas. A great way Trim-Tex can be used to improve the look of plain plasterboard walls is through layering. In our this video watch as Bill transforms… Continue reading Layering with Trim-Tex

The new Trim-Tex Catalogue has arrived

The 2011 edition of the Trim-Tex Catalogue is here! The new edition of the Trim-Tex catalogue sports a sleek new look and over 13 new products including: Mud Set, Arch Plus, 19mm Chamfer, Rigid Beads and more. The catalogue is available electronically from the resources section of the PlasterArt Website or you could just click… Continue reading The new Trim-Tex Catalogue has arrived

Create twin profile lines with 19mm Chamfer Beads

Chamfer Bead maintains the appearance of a crisp corner with an urban appeal. Installing 19mm Chamfer profile results in a narrower, more subtle appearance than the traditional 32mm wide Chamfer Bead. 19mm Chamfer Corner Bead partners perfectly with the 19mm Chamfer Archway Bead providing smooth transitions between 900 corners and curved detail. The combination of… Continue reading Create twin profile lines with 19mm Chamfer Beads

Press Release: Affordable Value Adding

Dramatic upgrades to old and new construction can be created by Plasterers who are looking to achieve premium prices with little expense for materials, while at the same time creating a highly marketable end product.