Mud Set Adjustable Inside Bead 3.0m Trim-Tex

The Trim-Tex Mud Set Adjustable Inside Bead features Trim-Tex’s patented mud lock technology and engineered hole pattern that allows the bead to quickly self level.
Unique design allows it to adjust from a 70° inside corner to a 150° inside corner

Where to Buy
  • Mud Set installation – no spray or staples
  • Can be installed by hand or faster using the Tapepro Compound Applicator Tube and Manta Ray attachment
  • Adjustable between 70º-150º
  • Lightweight but rigid
  • Made from impact resistant PVC
  • Available in 50 piece cartons
  • This trim is NOT designed to take up structural movement
Weight 12.25 kg
Dimensions 318 × 13.97 × 6.35 cm


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