Revealing sharp & clean finishes

The Trim-Tex Architectural F Reveal Bead creates the sharpest clean edge reveal effect when butting up to a door jamb, window, and other unfinished interior architectural components. The Trim-Tex Architectural F Reveal Bead creates an attractive and eye catching recess in the plasterboard finish. It can be used on its own or with RL6 Fibre… Continue reading Revealing sharp & clean finishes

LED’ing the way

Plasterboard doesn’t have to be boring. That idea has led Trim-Tex to design trims and beads that transform the interior of homes, offices and other projects into features. This drive to make “plain old plasterboard” into something exciting has cemented Trim-Tex’s position at the cutting edge of design. It has also led to the creation… Continue reading LED’ing the way

“Framed” by Trim-Tex…

Plasterboard features don’t have to be complicated works of art that belong in the Louvre. Some of the most eye catching feature work has a simplistic beauty about it. Eternal Plastering recently completed a home on Queensland’s, Gold Coast.  It’s a standout example of how simple plasterboard layers can become design features. The home owners… Continue reading “Framed” by Trim-Tex…

High Impact Area? No problem with Trim-Tex Mud Set.

Trim-Tex Mud Set plastering trims are the paramount in impact resistance.  Their unique design and installation allows them to bond so strongly to the wall or ceiling, they almost become part of it.  Don’t believe all the hype?  Check out this video made by our friends at Precision Taping. Trim-Tex Mud Set Beads are made… Continue reading High Impact Area? No problem with Trim-Tex Mud Set.

Work Smarter – Plasterboard Corners and Reveals

Reduce stress on your body and save time with Wallboard Tools, Trim-Tex and our “Work Smarter” series of videos. Are you ready to take the next step? Find out what time and labour saving options are available to you. In this video, watch as we install Rigid Corner Bead (72-R010) and Flat Tear Away Bead… Continue reading Work Smarter – Plasterboard Corners and Reveals

Fast & Strong Plasterboard Reveals

Introducing Mud Set Tear Away Flat Bead from Trim -Tex.  Flat Tear Away makes it easy to create a finished edge where plasterboard terminates at other substrates or with building components such as windows or doors. The new Mud Set version of the increasingly popular Flat Tear Away Bead can be installed either by hand… Continue reading Fast & Strong Plasterboard Reveals

“Wave” goodbye to boring walls with Trim-Tex

Creating with Trim-Tex is only limited by imagination – Precision Tapings latest creation is testament to that. The design we’ve affectionately started referring to as the “Wave Room” is of all things a bathroom. 34 lineal metres of Trim-Tex have gone into this bathroom and have made what would otherwise be an ordinary room into… Continue reading “Wave” goodbye to boring walls with Trim-Tex

Trim-Tex, always up for a challenge

Builder and owner Jon Mees threw down the plastering gauntlet to Sweeney Plastering last year – wanting a beautiful and functional “resort” style home built on his Pelican Waters block in Caloundra, Queensland.  Greg Sweeney accepted the challenge creating what can only be described as a work of art, testament to hard work, innovative design… Continue reading Trim-Tex, always up for a challenge

Layering with Trim-Tex

Trim-Tex isn’t just a practical solution to common plastering problems, it’s also a range of products based on turning the interior of a dwelling into an eye catching canvas. A great way Trim-Tex can be used to improve the look of plain plasterboard walls is through layering. In our this video watch as Bill transforms… Continue reading Layering with Trim-Tex