Abbey Ridge Project Starring Trim-Tex Beads

This house from Tpl_goldcoast has incredible interior designs throughout, with lots of curves! Some Trim-Tex beads used in the project include the 19mm Bullnose & Bullnose Arch, Tear Away Shadow and Archway Shadow Tear Away Bead. What could you create with Trim-Tex Beads? Project Photos

Trim-Tex Giant L Bead / Archway Case Study: W Brisbane Hotel Brisbane

Strikingly overlooking the Brisbane River stands the new W Brisbane Hotel. This is the first five-star hotel in 20 years which opened in Brisbane, as well as marking the return of W Hotels Worldwide into Australia. The W Brisbane Hotel is a welcomed addition to South East Queensland’s growing vibrant city. The interior designers’ theme …

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LED'ing the way with new Trim-Tex LED plastering bead

LED’ing the way

Plasterboard doesn’t have to be boring. That idea has led Trim-Tex to design trims and beads that transform the interior of homes, offices and other projects into features. This drive to make “plain old plasterboard” into something exciting has cemented Trim-Tex’s position at the cutting edge of design. It has also led to the creation …

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Mud Set Magic Corner Bead from Trim-Tex

Mud Set Magic

The Mud Set revolution continues with the release of Mud Set Magic Corner by Trim-Tex.  Mud Set Magic Corner is the perfect solution for off angled walls and raked ceilings. This bead combines rigid PVC mud legs featuring Mud Locks and a soft centre allowing it to act as an expansion bead on any inside …

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