Revealing sharp & clean finishes

The Trim-Tex Architectural F Reveal Bead creates the sharpest clean edge reveal effect when butting up to a door jamb, window, and other unfinished interior architectural components.

The Trim-Tex Architectural F Reveal Bead creates an attractive and eye catching recess in the plasterboard finish. It can be used on its own or with RL6 Fibre Optic Cable.

LED’ing the way

LED Light Bead a new plastering trim from Trim-Tex available at Wallboard ToolsPlasterboard doesn’t have to be boring. That idea has led Trim-Tex to design trims and beads that transform the interior of homes, offices and other projects into features.

This drive to make “plain old plasterboard” into something exciting has cemented Trim-Tex’s position at the cutting edge of design. It has also led to the creation of their latest innovation – LED Light Bead.

Trim-Tex LED Bead (72-LED10) allows you to incorporate energy efficient LED lighting into features that really deliver the “wow” factor.  It’s the perfect accent for elevator lobbies, conference rooms and decorative soffits while providing a practical solution for safety strip lighting in projects like hospitals, nursing homes and theatres.

LED Light Bead installs directly onto the plasterboard using “spray and staple” installation.  It has a 27mm mud leg, 16mm return and features another, angled leg that allows an LED strip to be installed at the optimal light angle. This profile accommodates 10mm LED Strips.

Trim-Tex LED Light Bead is available now from Wallboard Tools – LED strips are sold separately.

Available now from Wallboard Tools.
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“Framed” by Trim-Tex…

Framed by Trim-Tex Chamfer and Shadow BeadPlasterboard features don’t have to be complicated works of art that belong in the Louvre. Some of the most eye catching feature work has a simplistic beauty about it.

Eternal Plastering recently completed a home on Queensland’s, Gold Coast.  It’s a standout example of how simple plasterboard layers can become design features.

The home owners were after something ‘unique’. Ray Leef with some help from Trim-Tex, was able to deliver stylish plasterboard finishes and features to complement the modern design of the home.

Ray started using Chamfer around the lighting in the entry, he told us he was amazed at how creative he could be with it.  He then went on to design and created the “frames” around owners artwork which double as bed heads.  The Chamfer features were made from Trim-Tex Chamfer Stop and 13mm plasterboard.  Not only does the Chamfer Stop maintain the appearance of a crisp corner – but it also complements the 4-Step cornice around the ceiling.

Tear Away Shadow Bead was installed around the perimeter of the ceilings as well as door and window jams creating an attractive shadowed “reveal” effect.  The combination of the reveal and strong, bold paint colours draws in the eye and makes a powerful statement.  It continues the modern look with a point of difference all for a relatively small amount of additional labour and cost.

Trim-Tex Chamfer is available as a corner bead, archway bead and stopping bead so you can continue the sharp look throughout your entire project. Tear Away Shadow Bead comes in 10x10mm and 6x10mm sizes adding interest to plain ceilings, windows, doors and more.  These beads are just two examples of trims that offer an alternative to plain 900 corners and long, boring expanses of plasterboard.

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High Impact Area? No problem with Trim-Tex Mud Set.

Trim-Tex Mud Set plastering trims are the paramount in impact resistance.  Their unique design and installation allows them to bond so strongly to the wall or ceiling, they almost become part of it.  Don’t believe all the hype?  Check out this video made by our friends at Precision Taping.

Trim-Tex Mud Set Beads are made from rigid PVC – meaning they will never mould, rust or dent.  They can be installed by hand or using automatic tools with base compound and first coat can been applied the same day.  Trim-Tex Mud Set cuts down on expensive patching while maintaining an excellent, clean finish.  Mud Set is now available in a 900 corner bead, Adjustable Inside Corner Bead, Adjustable Outside Splayed Bead, Flat Tear away and Magic Corner.  Find out more at the Wallboard Tools website:

Start expecting more from your plastering beads.

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Mud Set Magic

Mud Set Magic Corner by Trim-TexThe Mud Set revolution continues with the release of Mud Set Magic Corner by Trim-Tex.  Mud Set Magic Corner is the perfect solution for off angled walls and raked ceilings. This bead combines rigid PVC mud legs featuring Mud Locks and a soft centre allowing it to act as an expansion bead on any inside corner.  The soft centre allows Magic Corner to flex Mud Set Magic Corner embeds into a layer of base compound making it easy to adjust and create straight lines.. Mud Set Magic Corner can be installed by hand or with the new Adjustable Inside Applicator (AIA)  from Tapepro Drywall Tools.

The AIA does not apply compound to the apex of the joint making it ideal for the installation of expansion type products like Mud Set Magic Corner.

Expect more from your plastering beads.

Work Smarter – Plasterboard Corners and Reveals

Work Smarter - Plasterboard Corners and RevealsReduce stress on your body and save time with Wallboard Tools, Trim-Tex and our “Work Smarter” series of videos.

Are you ready to take the next step? Find out what time and labour saving options are available to you.

In this video, watch as we install Rigid Corner Bead (72-R010) and Flat Tear Away Bead (72-9000) on a 90-degree corner and reveal using the spray (72-847) and staple method of installation.

Compare to the speed of installing Mud Set Corner Bead (72-MSR010) and Mud Set Flat Tear Away Bead (72-MS9000) with the Tapepro Automatic Tools. The Mud Set Corner Bead is installed with the Tapepro Compound Applicator Tube (CA-T/CA-T24) and the Outside Angle Head (OAH), the Mud Set Flat Tear Away Bead is installed with the Compound Applicator and the Flat Tear Away Applicator (FTA).

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Fast & Strong Plasterboard Reveals

Trim-Tex Mud Set Flat Tear AwayIntroducing Mud Set Tear Away Flat Bead from Trim -Tex.  Flat Tear Away makes it easy to create a finished edge where plasterboard terminates at other substrates or with building components such as windows or doors.

The new Mud Set version of the increasingly popular Flat Tear Away Bead can be installed either by hand or with the Tapepro Compound Applicator Tube (CA-T) and Flat Tear Away Applicator (FTA) with base compound only.

It features “Mud Lock” technology allowing the bead to bond so strongly to the plasterboard service it almost becomes part of it.  Another feature is the longer Tear Away leg measuring 14mm rather than the 6mm leg on the Spray and Staple Flat Bead.

In Wallboard Tool’s latest video you can watch the installation of Spray and Staple trims in comparison to Mud Set Beads – amazing results in half the time.

Trim-Tex Mud Set Flat Tear Away Bead is available now from Wallboard Tools.

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“Wave” goodbye to boring walls with Trim-Tex

Layering with Trim-Tex Archway L BeadCreating with Trim-Tex is only limited by imagination – Precision Tapings latest creation is testament to that.

The design we’ve affectionately started referring to as the “Wave Room” is of all things a bathroom.

34 lineal metres of Trim-Tex have gone into this bathroom and have made what would otherwise be an ordinary room into a feature.

The main bead used to create the wave design is Trim-Tex archway L Bead.  Archway L bends and curves around layers to produce beautiful, flowing shapes.  Trim-Tex External Beads went onto the corners and Trim-Tex L Bead was used throughout the rest of the room.

Brian from Precision Taping, the creator of the Wave Room said “we enjoy working with Trim-Tex products because of the massive world of possibilities we can offer our clients.  A client approached me with an idea and there was  simply no other way of actualising it without Trim-Tex Archway L Bead.  We were able to produce the curved detail in the waves with amazing results.  There’s nothing more fulfilling than turning an idea into a reality”.

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Trim-Tex, always up for a challenge

Trim-Tex features Caloundra AustraliaBuilder and owner Jon Mees threw down the plastering gauntlet to Sweeney Plastering last year – wanting a beautiful and functional “resort” style home built on his Pelican Waters block in Caloundra, Queensland.  Greg Sweeney accepted the challenge creating what can only be described as a work of art, testament to hard work, innovative design and a close working relationship between contractor and builder.

The structure spans two levels comprising of 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and expansive, open plan living areas.  Each room in the house has at least one curved wall creating a stunning, flowing visual effect and giving the feeling of openness.

This beautiful home incorporates 2100 square metres of Plasterboard, Cement Sheet, WR, and flexible Plasterboard.  As well as over 2800 lineal metres of Trim-Tex beading. The large Trim-Tex range and flexibility of the beads made them the only choice for a home involving so many curved surfaces and detailed work.

Tear Away Shadow Bead was used extensively throughout the structure and around all the skirting and door frames. 19mm Bulllnose Corner Beads were used to soften external corners and 19mm Bullnose Arch was incorporated into the bedroom windows allowing all of the sills to curve, fitting the theme of the house perfectly.  19mm Bull Adaptors were also used to transition between the soft Bullnose effect to the square skirting and ceilings.  Adjustable Inside Corner Bead and Splayed Outside Bead adds to the rooms spacious feel.

When talking about the project Greg Sweeney, the owner of Sweeney Plastering admitted that working on the house had been challenging, intricate and time consuming with the installation of beads on the top floor alone taking a crew of 7 an entire week.   However, creating the eye catching, unique look was a rewarding experience, made possible with a flexible builder/owner like Jon and with a product like Trim-Tex.

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Layering with Trim-Tex

Trim-Tex isn’t just a practical solution to common plastering problems, it’s also a range of products based on turning the interior of a dwelling into an eye catching canvas.
A great way Trim-Tex can be used to improve the look of plain plasterboard walls is through layering.
In our this video watch as Bill transforms an ordinary room into something a bit special with a few lengths of Trim-Tex and plasterboard that would otherwise be discarded as scrap.

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