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Revealing sharp & clean finishes (1/9/2019) - The Trim-Tex Architectural F Reveal Bead creates the sharpest clean edge reveal effect when butting up to a door jamb, window, and other unfinished interior architectural components. The Trim-Tex Architectural F Reveal Bead creates an attractive and eye catching recess … Continue reading
LED'ing the way with new Trim-Tex LED plastering bead LED’ing the way (7/19/2013) - Plasterboard doesn’t have to be boring. That idea has led Trim-Tex to design trims and beads that transform the interior of homes, offices and other projects into features. This drive to make “plain old plasterboard” into something exciting has cemented … Continue reading
Mud Set Magic Corner Bead from Trim-Tex Mud Set Magic (5/3/2013) - The Mud Set revolution continues with the release of Mud Set Magic Corner by Trim-Tex.  Mud Set Magic Corner is the perfect solution for off angled walls and raked ceilings. This bead combines rigid PVC mud legs featuring Mud Locks … Continue reading
Trim-Tex Mud Set Flat Tear Away Bead Fast & Strong Plasterboard Reveals (4/22/2013) - Introducing Mud Set Tear Away Flat Bead from Trim -Tex.  Flat Tear Away makes it easy to create a finished edge where plasterboard terminates at other substrates or with building components such as windows or doors. The new Mud Set … Continue reading
Trim-Tex Rigid Bead Impact resistant “I” Beam (5/31/2011) - Trim-Tex Rigid Beads created sharp, dent resistant, finished corners and archways.  The unique “I” Beam design makes the profiles 3 times more rigid enabling them to absorb impacts and resist cracking. The Rigid Archway Bead matches perfectly with the Mud … Continue reading
Trim-Tex Chamfer Bead Create twin profile lines with 19mm Chamfer Beads (5/19/2011) - Chamfer Bead maintains the appearance of a crisp corner with an urban appeal. Installing 19mm Chamfer profile results in a narrower, more subtle appearance than the traditional 32mm wide Chamfer Bead. 19mm Chamfer Corner Bead partners perfectly with the 19mm … Continue reading
Trim-Tex Arch Plus Going round the bend with Trim-Tex Arch Plus (5/9/2011) - Why carry two beads when Arch Plus provides smooth transitions between 90 degree corners and free flowing curves? Arch Plus is a multipurpose Trim-Tex Corner Bead. This new bead is a combination of a 90 degree external corner bead and … Continue reading
Introducing Trim-Tex Mud Set Introducing Mud Set Beads (5/4/2011) - Mud Set Beads have just landed in Australia.  The Mud Set Beads beads combine the reliability Trim-Tex products are renown for with innovative, new features with a revolutionary way to install Corner Beads. Mud Set Beads are installed with base … Continue reading
Trim-Tex Slimline Corner Bead Lower profile corners with Slimline Corner Bead (12/21/2010) - Trim-Tex has designed a Slimline external corner angle that's creates lower profile corners. Continue reading

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