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Revealing sharp & clean finishes (1/9/2019) - The Trim-Tex Architectural F Reveal Bead creates the sharpest clean edge reveal effect when butting up to a door jamb, window, and other unfinished interior architectural components. The Trim-Tex Architectural F Reveal Bead creates an attractive and eye catching recess in the plasterboard finish. It can be used on its own or with RL6 Fibre… Continue reading Revealing sharp & clean finishes
LED'ing the way with new Trim-Tex LED plastering bead LED’ing the way (7/19/2013) - Plasterboard doesn’t have to be boring. That idea has led Trim-Tex to design trims and beads that transform the interior of homes, offices and other projects into features. This drive to make “plain old plasterboard” into something exciting has cemented Trim-Tex’s position at the cutting edge of design. It has also led to the creation… Continue reading LED’ing the way
Mud Set Magic Corner Bead from Trim-Tex Mud Set Magic (5/3/2013) - The Mud Set revolution continues with the release of Mud Set Magic Corner by Trim-Tex.  Mud Set Magic Corner is the perfect solution for off angled walls and raked ceilings. This bead combines rigid PVC mud legs featuring Mud Locks and a soft centre allowing it to act as an expansion bead on any inside… Continue reading Mud Set Magic
Trim-Tex Mud Set Flat Tear Away Bead Fast & Strong Plasterboard Reveals (4/22/2013) - Introducing Mud Set Tear Away Flat Bead from Trim -Tex.  Flat Tear Away makes it easy to create a finished edge where plasterboard terminates at other substrates or with building components such as windows or doors. The new Mud Set version of the increasingly popular Flat Tear Away Bead can be installed either by hand… Continue reading Fast & Strong Plasterboard Reveals
Trim-Tex Rigid Bead Impact resistant “I” Beam (5/31/2011) - Trim-Tex Rigid Beads created sharp, dent resistant, finished corners and archways.  The unique “I” Beam design makes the profiles 3 times more rigid enabling them to absorb impacts and resist cracking. The Rigid Archway Bead matches perfectly with the Mud Set Corner Bead allowing for a smooth transition between straight 900 lines and flowing curves.… Continue reading Impact resistant “I” Beam
Trim-Tex Chamfer Bead Create twin profile lines with 19mm Chamfer Beads (5/19/2011) - Chamfer Bead maintains the appearance of a crisp corner with an urban appeal. Installing 19mm Chamfer profile results in a narrower, more subtle appearance than the traditional 32mm wide Chamfer Bead. 19mm Chamfer Corner Bead partners perfectly with the 19mm Chamfer Archway Bead providing smooth transitions between 900 corners and curved detail. The combination of… Continue reading Create twin profile lines with 19mm Chamfer Beads
Trim-Tex Arch Plus Going round the bend with Trim-Tex Arch Plus (5/9/2011) - Why carry two beads when Arch Plus provides smooth transitions between 90 degree corners and free flowing curves? Arch Plus is a multipurpose Trim-Tex Corner Bead. This new bead is a combination of a 90 degree external corner bead and a 900 archway bead. The 6mm tear off strip acts as the transition between straight,… Continue reading Going round the bend with Trim-Tex Arch Plus
Introducing Trim-Tex Mud Set Introducing Mud Set Beads (5/4/2011) - Mud Set Beads have just landed in Australia.  The Mud Set Beads beads combine the reliability Trim-Tex products are renown for with innovative, new features with a revolutionary way to install Corner Beads. Mud Set Beads are installed with base compound only.  These beads provide paramount impact resistance and a superior bond virtually eliminating cracking.… Continue reading Introducing Mud Set Beads
Trim-Tex Slimline Corner Bead Lower profile corners with Slimline Corner Bead (12/21/2010) - Trim-Tex has designed a Slimline external corner angle that's creates lower profile corners.