Nathan reckons “You just can’t beat Trim-Tex”

The Spring edition of AWCI On the Surface is now available – inside you will meet Nathan.

Wallboard Tools spoke to Nathan Treloar from Plaster Designs in Tasmania as part of an ongoing Trim-Tex market survey .  During the survey, Nathan was adamant that “you just can’t beat the quality of Trim-Tex”.

Here are some of the other things Nathan had to say about Trim-Tex during his interview:

Q. How long have you been using Trim-Tex?
A. 5-6 years .

Q. Why have you chosen Trim-Tex?
A.  Trim-Tex is so easy to work with and you can use it everywhere.  It’s just a great product.

Q. What features attracted you to Trim-Tex?
A. The whole range is easy to cut and install.

Q. What is your favourite Trim-Tex  bead?
A. Tear Away™ is a beauty.

Q. Do you ask for Trim-Tex by name?
A. Yes, you can always rely on Trim-Tex.

Q. How does Trim-Tex compare with other trim suppliers on product range?
A. I don’t use any others.

Q. Why would you recommend Trim-Tex?
A. Trim-Tex is a reliable product.  You get a great finish with Trim-Tex.

Nathan also mentioned he would love Trim-Tex to bring out an adjustable external angle.  Well we have good news for Nathan and everyone else waiting for an adjustable external angle.  Both the Rigid and Mud Set beads include a Splayed Adjustable Outside bead.  These beads feature channels on either side of the “I” beam nib allowing them to accommodate angles between 120° and 150°.

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As seen in the AWCI On the Surface Magazine Spring 2011