Perry says: “Trim-Tex is a superior product.”

Perry says: “Trim-Tex is a superior product.”

Have you seen the Autumn edition of the AWCI On the Surface Magazine? If you have − you might recognise Perry.

Wallboard Tools recently spoke to Perry Matin from Peztech as part of an ongoing Trim-Tex market survey.

Perry is currently working on a stunning home in Currumbin that incorporates Trim-Tex for much of the features and layering. During the survey Perry said he believed that Trim-Tex is a superior product, here is some of the other things Perry had to say when asked about the Trim-Tex range:

Q How long have you been using Trim-Tex?

A 10 Years.

Q What are the features that attracted you to Trim-Tex?

A The flexibility of PVC and the ease of use of many of the beads.

Q Why choose Trim-Tex?

A Using Trim-Tex eliminates expensive callbacks.

Q What’s your favourite Trim-Tex trim and why?

A Tear Away L-Bead, because it helps keep windows clean and makes the job easier.

Q Do you ask for Trim-Tex by name?

A Yes.

Q Would you use another brand of PVC bead?

A No − No need to.

Q In your opinion what are Trim-Tex’s advantages over other PVC trim brands?

A Trim-Tex is a superior product compared to others.

Q Why would you recommend Trim-Tex?

A Extensive range and reliability − I’ve never had a problem with Trim-Tex.

Trim-Tex is continually innovating and adding new and exciting products to the already extensive range. Stay tuned in April for the release of some unique new products. Keep up to date with Trim-Tex by heading to and subscribing to the feed or following PlasterArt on Facebook.

As seen in AWCI On the Surface Magazine – Autumn 2011