Press Release: Add value to your home

Process ShotAustralia is hopefully on the road to recovery, but the Global financial crisis has changed the state of the housing market for a while to come yet.

Hundreds of thousands of home owners in Australian desperately want to improve their homes without outlaying big money.  Home interiors are basically canvases just waiting for a little creativity to lift the appeal and the property’s resale value.

Plasterboard makes up about 80% of most dwelling’s surfaces.  It’s cost effective and when partnered with a product like Trim-Tex and some imagination you can add stunning, eye catching features that gives your home an advantage over those constructed with just normal, boring plasterboard.

Layering is an example of a treatment that can be applied to any established home.  Layering is easy and inexpensive; it can be used to accentuate artwork or build depth and character around items such as wall mounted televisions.  Or the solution can become the artwork itself.  Whether just applying a single layer or creating a multilayer masterpiece.

An example of layering at work is this Hollywood scene in the increasingly popular cinema or media room.  The Hollywood design is made from three base layers of plasterboard with some smaller pieces used for the lettering.  The design is made possible with Trim-Tex Archway L Bead for the uneven surfaces of the mountains. Trim-Tex L Bead for the buildings in the foreground and forming up the letters and Trim-Tex reveal bead for finishing around the beams of white light.

The Trim-Tex profiles are made from rust proof, flexible PVC.  It is this feature of the trims that makes designs such as the Hollywood media room possible.  Their impact resistant characteristic will also guarantee your design will stand the test of time.

With such a competitive housing market, products like Trim-Tex provide homeowners the opportunity to enhance the visual appeal of any dwelling.  Trim-Tex has been helping people to improve their homes since 1970 and is available from your local plasterboard retail outlet.  It can be installed by the homeowner or by a professional contractor who can help you bring your ideas to life.

As seen in Renovating Magazine – January 2011