Architectural Reveal Bead 3.0m Trim-Tex

Trim-Tex architectural reveal beads create an attractive and eye catching recess in the plasterboard finish. These beads can be used on their own or with RL6 Fibre Optic Cable.

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  • Installed using the traditional “Spray & Staple” method
  • Available in 6mm x 6mm (72-AS5150 – 25 pieces per carton) 10mm x 10mm (72-AS5130 – 20 pieces per carton) 13 x 13mm (72-AS5110 – 20 pieces per carton)  and 13 x 25mm (72-AS5310 – 15 pieces per carton)
  • Lightweight but robust
  • Made from impact resistant PVC
  • Fast and easy feature creation
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