Installing Trim-Tex Spray and Staple Trims

Trim-Tex beads are flexible, corrosion resistant and easy to cut, sand, paint and install.

A majority of the Trim-Tex range is installed using the 72-847 Spray Adhesive and Staples.  In this video – watch as Bill installs Internal Corner Beads using the “Spray and Staple” method.

• Ensure the substrate is true and plumb
• Remove excess overhang of plasterboard prior to installation of Trim-Tex beads
• Spray a liberal coat of Trim-Tex 847 Spray Adhesive to the inside of the Trim-Tex bead as well as the surface of the
plasterboard where the Trim-Tex bead is to be installed
• Apply firm even pressure to the mud legs using the Trim-Tex Cleaning Tool to ensure a solid bond
• Staple through the set leg of the Trim-Tex bead at 200mm centres maximum, using 10mm divergent staples (refer to
stapling diagram). When installing archway beads staple every tab for ultimate bond
• Re-apply pressure to the set leg of the Trim-Tex bead if required
• Set the Trim-Tex bead with approved compounds (refer to standard ASTM-C475M-02 (2007) or the Plasterboard Manufacturers

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